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Designing a Home for Lots of Living

A home can transition through multiple stages of your life. If you’re currently in the stage where you need a home design that’s family friendly, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to make your home a place where lots of living takes place. Many times, pets are a big part of the family. Therefore, you’ll want to keep them in mind when selecting design elements.


No doubt, the floors in a home with active children and energetic pets need to be durable and stain resistant. A doubtful smile may come across your face when you think of luxury vinyl tile Colorado as a possible flooring for your family-friendly home. Don’t let the name fool you. Luxury vinyl tile is low maintenance, durable and scratch resistant. Those features, in addition to its aesthetic quality, make it an ideal choice for a house filled with activity.


A house filled with an abundance of activity can quickly become cluttered if there’s not sufficient storage space for electronic devices, games, books and other items. Furniture such as ottomans, chests and accent tables with open shelving for storage baskets can help prevent clutter. Stain resistant, durable upholstery is essential in a house with young children and pets. Microfiber, leather and twill are examples of family-friendly fabric. Slipcovers can help extend the life of upholstered furniture.

Room Arrangement

A family-friendly home needs plenty of space for everyone to move around. Limit the amount of furniture you include in a room design. Place it so that traffic flows easily through the room. You might want to stay away from accent tables with sharp corners until your children are older. It’s good to create a designated play area in the living room for young children.

Designing a family-friendly home will mean you can spend more time enjoying your family instead of constantly worrying about cleaning and protecting the furnishings. When the kids are grown, your home can undergo another transition to reflect the next phase of your life.