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Easy Ways to Reduce Cooling and Heating Costs

In order to buy something nice we usually need to save money, and when we have a family that becomes harder because there is much we spend it on. Saving is what every businessman recommends to do from an early age, but it’s never too late to start. Reducing bills on heating, cooling, and maintenance, will save you a nice amount at the end of the year.

You need to know how to cut down the costs of your HVAC system in order to save some money. Finding a firm that wins HVAC service award each year will assure you that you’ll get the help you need. Every professional knows all the tip and trick about these systems. Many of them are very logical, but we generally don’t apply them because we don’t think about future benefits we will have.

Adjusting Thermostat

Many people will tell you that you should change the temperature on your thermostat only when the seasons change. In order to reduce the bill, you need to think deeper and think when you can also change it to save energy. There was a study that showed that you can save up to 10{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} on your cooling and heating if you change the thermometer when you are out of the house of sleeping.

A further study showed that you will save 1 percent per 1 Fahrenheit for a period of 8 hours. You could always wear something that will keep you warm in the winter so you won’t have to mess with the thermostat. In the warmer period of the year always turn off the air conditioner when you are going out even if it’s to the store. Nowadays, everything has smart technology so you can adjust it to do it on its own. You won’t even notice it because smart thermostats will turn the heat on when you are near home.

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Ceiling Fans

You can cut down the costs of cooling and heating easily by using ceiling fans in every season. When the summer comes, you will have to turn them counterclockwise so it will bring cool air down. A great thing is that it can make the room 6 degrees cooler.

In the winter you will just have to change the rotation to clockwise. Also, it should be set on low, so it will pull the warm air back to the area you are staying. Amazingly this can help you save about 15{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} on your heating bill. It depends on the model, but they are way cheaper than before. Click here to read more.

Windows Tips

There are some amazing facts about your windows that you probably don’t know and one of them is that you will reduce the heat loss up to 10{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} if you have curtains on them. When the winter comes, you should open your blinds or drapes that are pointing to the south in order to get the heat in your house. Even things like trees in front of the windows have an impact on the temperature you are getting.

There are thick blinds you can use in the summer that will block more than 50{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} heat coming. The blinds can reduce heat gain up to 45{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} if they are completely closed. You will reduce heat gain by 35{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} when you use medium colors with white-plastic backing drapes. The thing that can reduce the most heat coming are the plants people are growing on their windows which also are a decorative thing that can reduce up to 77{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} of heat gain.

Other Tips

An easy way to save some money on heating and cooling is by using it only in the room you are in. This can cut down the cost up to 50{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} if you use it to the extreme. Maintaining HVAC system will also get you up to 10{2da8a9e6dd42fc0efeae562cd20c2967372296fc69b688a2ec4b093696a0d01d} of savings because when it becomes old the efficiency becomes lower. When everything is updated you will be sure it runs correctly.

Because we lose most of the heat through our windows, the best thing to prevent some of the loss is by using better weather stripping. Adding layers to the windows can cost a lot, so stripping is a better option.