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How a Deck Can Transform Your Backyard for the Better

Decks can be transformative additions to both your home and backyard. You could go with a DIY deck that would run you around $2000 to construct yourself. Or, you could splurge on professional hires to build a stellar deck for $3000 and up. These are ballpark prices that vary depending on deck plans and the logistics of your property, but you get the gist.

Need reasons to build a deck that betters your home and backyard? Read on for a short list of benefits.

Property-wise, Decks Increase the Value of a Home Because Most People Want Some Sort of Outdoor Entertainment/Lounge Area

When you think of selling your home, you should consider building a deck on your property first. It will increase the value of your home, allowing you to sell for more because so many home buyers are looking for somewhere to unwind and entertain.

When built well and with excellent quality woods, decks have the potential to increase your property value by several thousands of dollars. Ergo, you get an instant return on both your investment to the supplies and your time to build.

Decks are Functional as Lounge and Fun Spaces, i.e. Barbecues, Casual Summer Get-Togethers, etc.

Decks take on all-new purpose in the summertime with barbecues and neighborhood get-togethers. Those casual summers are better spent with loved ones and friends. An outdoor deck makes it easier to accommodate lots of guests—plus, you can build on a little BBQ nook for preparation of classic barbecue entrees, like sauce-slathered ribs or blackened chicken.

High-Rise Decks Offer New Perspectives of Your Backyard and Beyond

If you live in a two or three-story home, take your deck high-rise all the way up. This gives you a both a classic deck and a balcony where you can oversee your property from a new perspective. Plus, high-rise decks offer the perfect place for birdseed holders and hummingbird feeders.

You could even hire a fencing contractor in Lake County IL to help connect your new deck to your fencing system to make a safe place for kids and dogs to run around.