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How to Care For Terrazzo Floors?

The first step is to strip off any sealants. Several “scrub-free” floor strippers are available on the market, eliminating the need for a machine scrubber. You can use a bucket, a flat mop, and a 200-grit pad to remove any remaining sealant. After stripping off the sealant, you must apply a “restoration” cleaner.

Maintenance of terrazzo floors

Proper terrazzo floor maintenance involves avoiding common pitfalls. General-purpose cleaners can damage terrazzo floors by scratching them, and purely surface waxes can cause a slippery surface. All-purpose cleaners should be free of harmful chemicals. When in doubt, buy a product specifically designed for terrazzo floors. It is vital to clean terrazzo floors regularly and avoid excessive scrubbing. Here are a few tips for maintaining your new terrazzo floor by terrazzo floor restoration Long Island City, NY:

The first thing to do is prevent soil from forming on the floor. Scratches and other damages are inevitable, but terrazzo is very hard-wearing and resilient, even in high-traffic environments. However, facility managers must implement a plan to restore these floors, considering the following factors: aesthetics, safety, and chemical use. 3M 2020 and its products are ideal for terrazzo floors.

Cleaning terrazzo floors

Regular cleaning of terrazzo floors will help maintain the floor’s beauty and keep it in good condition. With regular maintenance, you can make your terrazzo floor the envy of your neighbors. Here are some tips to keep your terrazzo floor looking its best:

Besides regular sweeping, cleaning terrazzo floors requires more frequent action. Especially in the early stage, a daily sweep will help keep the floor free from dust and debris. You may also need to do it more often if you have a new terrazzo floor. 

Refinishing terrazzo floors

If your terrazzo floor needs a quick refinish, you can do it yourself using specific products. For example, a terrazzo floor polisher and grinder can be used to make light repairs to the surface. These products are specifically designed to protect terrazzo floors from damage from sunlight, acid, mold, and dirt. To avoid terrazzo floor damage, clean the area thoroughly with a mild-grade cleaning solution containing trisodium phosphate. Next, repair any holes or cracks in the floor using color-tinted epoxy.

To fix terrazzo cracks, first, determine how large the damage is. Once you’ve selected the crack’s size, you can mix a mix of cement grout and epoxy and apply it to the cracked area. This method can be difficult to perform successfully, however, and you may find that you’ll need to hire a professional contractor to help you. If you’re unsure whether your cracked terrazzo is caused by water damage, you can follow NTMA’s guidelines for repairing cracks.

Cleaning terrazzo floors with Lithofin EasyCare

You can use a neutral pH cleaning solution when cleaning terrazzo floors, as they are prone to stains from acidic and bleach-based liquids. It’s also recommended that you apply a damp mop to lightly-soiled floors every week and use a damp mop on heavily-soiled walls. Lithofin EasyCare is an ideal cleaning solution for terrazzo floors.

Using a steam cleaner on terrazzo floors can also remove stains and caked-on debris. You can get one from home improvement stores or online. Using a steam cleaner can remove deeply-sealed debris from terrazzo floors without damaging the surface. If your terrazzo floor is uneven or has other damage, it may only need a professional deep clean. Otherwise, it may be necessary to undergo terrazzo floor restoration. This involves grinding off the damaged surface and polishing and re-sealing the terrazzo floor.

Refinishing terrazzo floors with Lithofin Wax Off

If you’re considering refinishing terrazzo floors, you’ve probably noticed that the finish is dull and faded. It’s important to know that terrazzo is made of marble chips embedded into cement. These chips are then ground to a smooth, hard surface. You can put vinyl flooring over terrazzo, but it must be in good condition and level before you do so.

Before beginning the process, make sure you’ve cleaned your terrazzo floors thoroughly with a neutral-based cleaner like Lithofin EasyCare. Because terrazzo can be very vulnerable to stains, using a non-acidic, non-bleaching cleaner is essential. Lithofin Powerclean is a good choice for removing stubborn stains and extra dirt buildup.