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How Does Wexxar Automatic Case Erector Works

Wexxar is known for its Pin & Dome system that provides predictable case erection. This automatic case erector features a tool-less changeover. Its reliability and ease of use are also known as its main strengths. Its color-coded tactile guide provides a fast and easy set-up. It also features a Positive Case Squaring system to ensure the squareness of the case during the sealing process.

Pin & Dome system provides predictable case erection

Wexxar’s Pin & Dome System combines mechanical case opening technology and operator-friendly pictorial guides for reliable and predictable case erection. This System ensures perfect point squaring with its unaffected air quality and production environment. Additionally, the WISE System provides onboard machine tuning and pictorial representations. Besides, several safety features, including interlocked guard doors, emergency stops on both sides of the machine, and a color-coded size changeover, help ensure the operator’s safety.

Dynamic flap folding System

The dynamic flap folding system of the Wexxar automatic case erector ensures consistently square cases. The machine’s compliant drive belts provide constant pressure on the instances and great control even with heavy ones. The DELTA 1 begins the process by mechanically picking the KDF at the top of the case. Once in position, the System automatically indexes each side of the case. The machine’s labeling options make it easy for users to place labels or other graphics on their patients.

Wexxar case erecting systems have a DELTA 1 magazine that enables loading while the machine is in operation. The operator places the instances in the load zone and presses a button to load the magazine. There is no need to adjust the magazine on a conventional case erector machine. And unlike the traditional case erecting systems, the DELTA 1 magazine requires no adjustments.

Tool-less changeover

The fully automatic Wexxar/BEL WF20H case erector is a versatile machine that reliably handles up to 20 cases per minute. The device provides accurate glue application and dependable high-speed performance with tool-less changeover and easy case size adjustments. This case is equipped with the Pin and Dome technology to open cases with positive mechanical action, allowing continuous case production while eliminating the inadequacies of vacuum systems. Furthermore, the tool-less changeover operation ensures that the entire machine can be changed from one size to another in less than 5 minutes.

The Wexxar automatic case erector features a dynamic flap folding system. It eliminates the need for long plow rails, while the compliant drive belt provides consistent pressure to the cases during the forming process. In addition, this tool-less changeover allows for the color-coded change in seven minutes. The machine also has advanced safety systems that include fully-interlocked guard doors.


Whether you need to form several cases simultaneously or require a high case erector capacity, Wexxar has the solution. Wexxar is a world-class manufacturer of packaging equipment, including case erectors. These machines assist with different packaging operations and are known for consistent output and durability. In addition, we carry pre-owned Wexxar case erectors for sale from leading manufacturers in the industry.

The semi-automatic Wexxar Bel case erector features a pin & dome jaw plate system that holds the cases in place. The System is designed to produce the correct shape, seal with tape or hot melt, and create a consistent flow. The unit is available in a wide range of capacities and configurations and features a modular expandable magazine system that allows the case erector to accommodate any number of modules.


When deciding to buy a case erector, a few factors should be considered. If you want a machine with maximum output and uptime, the Wexxar Automatic Case Erector is an ideal choice. This fully automatic model has a tape head and a tool-less changeover and is easy to operate. Its high-speed performance is achieved with the help of its remote demand-controlled System, and it’s also highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

The open, straightforward design of a Wexxar machine allows it to fit into any production line or application. These models are also lockable to protect employees during maintenance. Wexxar machines are ideal for food plants and reduce contamination. Additionally, these machines have lower maintenance requirements, making them a wise choice. You can save money by installing a Wexxar automatic case erector into your production line.