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Having a new Water Heater Installed

From showering and washing dishes to doing laundry and taking care of cooking and cleaning needs, there are many things a water heater has to do on a regular basis. On average, these essential systems last about 10-15 years. But even if your unit isn’t at the end of its life cycle, there are some signs to look for that suggest it’s time to consider having a new water heater installed.

Frequent Repairs

Occasional water heater repairs for small issues such as a leaky valve or adjustments to settings won’t likely strain your wallet. However, if repairs are becoming increasingly frequent and costly, consider it a sign that it’s time for a new or updated model.

Hot Water Is Brown and/or Rusty

If you start noticing water that’s brown or rusty when you turn your hot water on, this usually means there’s corrosion inside of the tank. When this happens, it’s typically not long before the tank is ready to burst or start leaking. A more subtle sign of internal corrosion is water with a metallic smell or taste.

Knocking Sounds and Similar Noises

Sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank is usually what contributes to knocking or popping sounds coming from a water heater. As sediment deposits accumulate, the heating elements can get blocked, which often results in overheating. If this problem is detected early, it may be possible to flush the water heater. However, if the sediment has building up for years, it may be best to opt for a new tank.

Inefficient Water Heater Operations

Even if you’re not seeing clear signs of problems, your water heater may not be operating efficiently. This can happen if your home’s water usage has increased to the point where your existing system has to work harder to meet demand. It’s also possible to have an older tanker that’s no longer capable of operating efficiently due to wear and tear on various parts and components. A sign of inefficiency is increased utility bills for no apparent reason.

Water heater installation Gloucester VA companies typically offer usually includes recommendations on newer systems that may provide more efficient and budget-pleasing results, including tankless options. In some cases, installation of a more efficient water heater may also allow you to qualify for tax savings or homeowners’ insurance discounts.