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Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved Ones

As you begin hunting for an assisted living facility, make it a point not to get overwhelmed by the available options. Note that amenities are inferior to residents and staff in terms of importance. It’s the people who actually make a difference in every place, and that does not exclude assisted living facilities.

Below are the most salient points to look into as you select an assisted living facility for your beloved:

What Do You Know About Communities

To be confident that your loved one will get the right amount of care and attention, you need to know about the staffing levels and workload at the facility you’re considering. For instance, you should ask how many staff members are actually dealing with the residents? What is the number of people working at any given time? What do they do exactly during those times–will they be directly interacting with the residents? Are there registered nurses in the facility? How different are staffing patterns at night? What if a staff member is sick or is unable to work for whatever reason — will there be enough cover?
Questions About Retirements You Must Know the Answers To

Other Considerations

Of course, there are other things you must consider as you choose an assisted living facility The most important of these is that the place feels safe and comfortable to the resident. Though you’d like the facility to be clean and maintained properly, you must go well beyond surface appeal like gourmet meals, designer furnishings, and the like. The bottom line is that the facility makes your loved one feel at home; and provides appealing and nutritious food, the right care and attention and opportunities for recreation together with other residents. Also make sure the facility is in compliance with local and state licensing requirements; and call the Better Business Bureau to know if any complaints have been filed against the facility.

Assessing the Costs of an Assisted Living Facility

In reviewing assisted living as an option, cost is generally a main consideration, particularly because most of it will likely be covered by the resident himself or his family. Expect your bill to go from $800 to $4,000 per month, depending on location. This is going to be one huge investment, so don’t rush into creating a budget as well as prioritizing your loved one’s needs.

In the United States, assisted living is not one of Medicare benefits. Sometimes, under Medicaid – the government’s health insurance system for the financially underprivileged – assisted living may be covered but only to a limited extent.. Moreover, some board and care homes do accept payment in the form of Supplemental Security income. But, because of the limited rates they receive, only a small number of assisted living facilities accept such programs. Certain populations like veterans may get access to board and care homes approved by the VA, or veterans’ homes where they provide a continuum of care.