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Incredible Pools Maintenance Tips

Perhaps you want to spend the next summer swimming in a pool. All you need is to clean the pool and cover it until the summer. Of course, everyone would want to use a swimming pool for long with fewer challenges. Below are five incredible pool maintenance tips.

Heater Servicing

It’s vital to fix any problem with your heater in the spring to avoid hassles during the summer. Moreover, calcium scales generated during the summer can build up and lessen the effectiveness of a heater. You can follow the manual of the manufacturer to know when you need the services of a professional pool inspector. Alternatively, one can search online or call the manufacturer to find the copy of the manual.

Clean the Filters

Removing debris and leaves from the pool filter is critical. Probably, you won’t be using the pool as often as in the summer. As such, cleaning the filters is a safe way to reduce the use of the water pump. Running the water pump for 4-8 hours every day is enough to keep above ground swimming pools St Paul MN in excellent condition. You can use a robotic pool cleaner to lessen the times needed to clean the filter and pool and reduce the use of chemicals.

Cracks and Leaks Repair

The best time to fix any leaks or cracks that may have developed over the summer is in the spring. You can request a professional pool inspector to check any cracks and holes and then schedule for their repair before the next summer. The earlier you fix these problems, the lower the costs of maintenance. Pool maintenance companies are readily available even after the end of a busy season.

Observe Water Levels

You still need to observe water levels until the pool gets closed for the next season. Unfortunately, less use and lowered temperatures often make many people miss this. Moreover, water levels could be evaporating at an insignificant rate in the spring. You can quickly forget to check water levels regularly. Your pump could get damaged if the water levels are too low. Fortunately, this is an expensive mistake that everyone can avoid.

Remove Leaves Out of the Pool

The color of the leaves can make a pool look spectacular in the fall. However, these leaves can create problems when it comes to maintaining the pool. While many people often ignore the leaves that fall inside the pool, its best practice to keep them out of the pond. That way, it will prevent them from causing problems with the pump and clogging the filter. In fact, leaves can stain the bottom of the pool if left unattended for a long time. Moreover, algae can slowly start to grow in your swimming pool. You can use a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves from an open pool. Alternatively, you can consider covering the pool if you aren’t using it often to keep debris at bay. You can contact a professional pool inspector today to schedule for pool maintenance.