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Make That Change – Transitioning to a Contemporary Living Room – Part 1

Make That Change – Transitioning to a Contemporary Living Room – Part 1

The current state of the economy and recent increase in unemployment both explain why there are few people buying homes these days. While people are forced to stay in their homes, they are searching for ways to create a new home. Many people are taking on redecorating and home improvement projects daily!

Many of us have the same traditional living room design that we set up when we initially purchased our homes. Give your home a make over! Instantly add style, class and sophistication to your home by transitioning to a contemporary living room.

Contemporary living rooms are perfect for spacious homes. The contemporary discourages clutter and as a result creates a clean and polished look. One thing one must understand when creating a room in contemporary style is “Less is more”. There is no room for countless gadget and useless items.

Creating a Contemporary Living Room| Wall Paint Color

The ideal contemporary living room is bright, spacious and airy. When picking paint color for your contemporary living room, most interior designs consider white, beige or another neutral color. Often the wall paint color in a contemporary living room is neutral but is complimented by one other bold accent color such as red, pink or black.

Creating a contemporary living room| Step Two: Contemporary Wall Décor

In order to establish the open and polished look of contemporary style, we have to remove all personal photos, decorative paints, wall art etc. Once we have removed all of your wall décor, we would then decide which pieces are most favorable.

When selecting personal photos, remember that we will not display the photos in different areas but instead in one central location. By selecting uniform pictures frames and using one location to display all personal photos, we are giving the space a cleaner look.

Wall art is usually used as a means to express our personal style. Contemporary wall art should be selected in the same manner. In addition to our personal style, we should also consider the function of the piece and room décor. For example, if you are choosing a large piece to place over your mantle, you would not choose a painting that does not capture your attention. When selecting contemporary wall art, consider all of your options. Contemporary wall art is no longer limited to paintings. We now have abstracts, oil paints and metal wall art as well.

Designing a contemporary styled living room can be allot of fun! Stay tuned for Make that Change| Transitioning to a Contemporary Living Room: Part 2 for more tips on completing this project!