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How Often Do You Service Your HVAC System?

How often do you service your HVAC? It is quite disturbing that most people do not realize the importance of routine check for their HVAC systems. According to a survey carried out on how often people service their HVAC, about 55 percent don’t fix it if it is not faulty. 16 percent of the respondents usually service theirs once in a year while about 28 percent service theirs at least twice a year.

According to a reliable contractor for boiler installation Alexandria VA, it is most advisable to service it at least twice a year although servicing your HVAC once a year is not bad either. But it is not a good idea to wait until it is broken before you fix it.

You need to understand that the filters, fins, and coils in your HVAC require regular maintenance that involves cleaning to function effectively. When you don’t service these parts, the performance of your HVAC will continue to drop. When the filters are plugged, it will work extra hard to produce lower output even though it will consume more power.

In other words, poor routine maintenance makes you consume more power for less output. The output will continue to drop steadily until it packs up. Here are the other reasons you should service your HVAC at least once in a year.

• The reliability of your HVAC will be increased

• You get to detect potential problems before they occur

• Lower utility bill

• Longer lifespan

• Warranty protection

Reliability of your HVAC will be increased

When you service your HVAC as and when due, it will give you optimum performance all through its lifespan because all its components will be in their best condition. You will also spend less on repairs since your HVAC and all its components will not be overworked.

You get to detect potential problems before they occur

When you carry out regular routine checks, potential problems will be detected and fixed or averted. So, components that are no longer fully functional will be detected and changed or repaired. The HVAC works as a system. If a particular component breaks down, some other dependent components may be overworked, and they may also pack up.

When this happens, you will have to cough out a large sum of money for repairs but when the faulty component is fixed before it breaks down, it will save you a lot of money. They say a stitch in time saves nine. This is applicable to your HVAC system.

Lower utility bill

When your HVAC is no longer firing on all cylinders, it will work harder, and it will consume more energy. This will increase your monthly electricity bill. But when you service it as due, it will always be in the best condition and that way, it will consume less power. So, servicing your HVAC lowers your electricity bill.

Longer lifespan

When your HVAC seldom breaks down, its components will last much longer, and this will give the entire HVAC a longer lifespan. If for any reason, you want to sell it off, it will go at a good rate because it will be in great condition

Warranty protection

Several manufacturers of HVAC will withdraw their warranty if they find out that you have not been following their maintenance instructions. So, servicing your HVAC regularly helps to maintain the warranty on it.

Conclusively, there are other less important benefits of servicing your HVAC as due, the ones outlined above are just the most important ones. break down waiting for your HVAC to breakdown before you contact a contractor to service it.