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Bedroom Designs – Tips and Ideas for Modernising

Bedroom Designs – Tips and Ideas for Modernising

Very often our DIY and interior design projects seem to overlook perhaps the one room that needs some attention the most – the bedroom! It’s not often on show to any guests that may be invited into the home, so always seems to be the room that’s put on the “backburner”. It doesn’t take long however, for our bedroom to become stale and uninviting when it is often the only place in the house where we can truly retreat to and just be “ourselves”.

Perhaps when that pile of ironing finally reaches the ceiling and there is nowhere left to sit, let alone lie down, we might consider giving the room a revamp. It’s time to return the bedroom to its rightful state, which should be one of relaxation and tranquillity, somewhere where the outside world seems like a million miles away, even if it’s only for a few minutes!

There are a few quick and easy tips that can transform the shabby into the chic and the first step is to have a good clear out! It’s important to be ruthless here, because the more space you can unearth, the more of a canvas you will have to work with. So, the laundry and the kids toys can go (at least while you work on the room) and once the decks are cleared, you can assess what you have got.

What’s the current decor like? Is it clean and neutral or is brightly coloured, or perhaps even worse, really dark? If you are lucky enough to have a neutral base, then you already have a good starting point, otherwise painting the walls may be your next step. White, (especially as a base colour) aqua and turquoise are all colours that are very “now” and will help to deliver a sense of cleanliness and freshness to your bedroom.

What does the floor look like? Do you have tired looking carpets or do you have a surface that is washable? If you have open access to the floorboards and can wash them, then perhaps you can paint them too or add a neutral coloured rug for a bit of warmth underfoot.

Choose curtains or blinds to blend in with your scheme. Either will work but curtains encourage a softer feel for the bedroom. Furniture should also be considered and things that are bulky and tired looking might have to go in favour of something a little more slim line and modern. If the budget will stretch, sliding wardrobe doors will transform your bedroom space and provide lots of extra storage.

For the finishing touches, why not try a piece of art above and behind the bed and perhaps a few scented candles strategically placed around the room. When it’s all done, you will wonder what happened to that tired old look and actually enjoy being in your bedroom again!