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Feng Shui Makes a House a Home

Feng Shui Makes a House a Home

What makes a house a home? The answer doesn’t lie in something we don’t have, or in something we can buy. The feeling of being at home can’t be bought. It comes from an intimate relationship between us and our most personal environment, our home. What has this got to do with Feng Shui? Feng Shui is about creating balance, balance in your life through balance in your home.

Our homes shape us just as we shape them. When we lavish our time and creativity on our homes what they give us in return are comfort, pleasure and a sense of sanctuary, a connection to spirit, a home for the soul.

We worry a lot about how our homes look but how they make us feel, emotionally and physically, is far more important. When our living spaces nourish who we are, we are better able to respond to the day-to-day stresses we encounter, we are buffered from the challenges life brings.

The dialog with our home is an ongoing one, as the seasons change, our needs change. Stay flexible and let your home evolve as your needs evolve. Pay attention to the atmosphere you create. The optimistic thoughts in our minds and the love in our hearts will create an ambiance that embraces the mood, the spirit of the house.

“A home for the soul is not a final destination. It is a process of self-discovery that deepens over time. The pleasure of the soul appears to be found in the journey of discovery, the unfolding revelation of expanded insight and experience.” – Anthony Lawlor

Take the time to walk through your home, looking to see how the usage of the rooms and furnishings can be changed to support your needs. Pay attention to the thoughts and ideas you have, listen to what your home tells you.

View your belongings and rooms with new eyes, a fresh perspective. If you could change anything, what would it be? What colors make your heart sing? Incorporate them! Look past what you’ve done before, and what you have now – open to the possibilities.

Connecting to the spirit of your home means letting go of any preconceived thoughts, ideas or judgments. Trust that the process of life will take care of those things and situations that seem insurmountable. Focus your thoughts and energy on the reality you’d like to create, let go of the need to control the outcome. and forward as if it is so….

Creating your ideal environment isn’t about decorating, it’s about honoring who you are and caring enough to create living spaces that nurture and support you. It all starts with a home that feels good!

Take a look around your home and start feeling good today!