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Contemporary Home Design – Cosy Up and Protect Against One of the Coldest Winters For 100 Years

Contemporary Home Design – Cosy Up and Protect Against One of the Coldest Winters For 100 Years

Treat Yourself to New Home Accessories

It’s official; we are experiencing one of the coldest winters in the last one hundred years. There has been lots of snow and even now that it has melted, the nights are still extremely chilly and people are staying indoors.

Traditionally winter is a time for snuggling up at home, a time for relaxing in front of warm open fires, entertaining close personal friends and having people round for dinner. These activities are much more appealing right now than going out and facing the elements.

This keenness to entertain friends in the warmth of our own homes and to spend more time there as a family, leads inexorably, to the desire to make it a more comfortable place to live in. This can be achieved quickly and easily, through the addition of rugs, throws, cushions and candles.

Placing plush, deep pile rugs on top of varnished floorboards for example will immediately warm the room, reducing droughts whilst at the same time, providing comfortable floor space upon which to cosy up with your partner in front of that warming winter fire.

Investing in quality cushions and throws can add warmth and comfort to you living room and bedroom. Available in a huge range of sizes, styles, patterns and colours they are an ideal way to add interesting details to complement your existing colour scheme.

Lamplight emanating from the corners of rooms tends to feel that much warmer than the harsher overhead, central ceiling lighting. Why not invest in some contemporary lamps to warm up specific areas of your home and create a romantic, cosy and intimate ambience that comes from soft diffused lighting.

Candlelight can also be used to warm a room. Not literally of course, you’d need lots of them to do that, but it brings a pleasant glow that will feel really comforting. Imagine a dining room with a table set for eight, flagstone flooring, a large sideboard and an upright piano. Now imagine that same room, with a number of flickering candles set around it. How much cosier and romantic does that feel?

Rooms with larger open spaces can be enclosed or partitioned with screens. This will create the effect of visually reducing the size of a room and therefore making it seem to warm it up faster.

Whilst every room in the house could benefit from a winter make over, the bedroom stands out as the ultimate beneficiary of all things snug. Throws, pillows, bedspreads, duvets, sheets and cushions are all available in especially warming materials and thicknesses. As an extra indulgence why not go for really good quality bed linens in beautifully warm colours. You can even buy eco-friendly and choose sumptuous organic cotton sheets for you winter hibernation.

In the bathroom, renew your towels. Opt for extra thick and fluffy oversized bath sheets in colours to compliment or contrast your decor. Very soft, weighty, high quality organic cotton towels will add the desired finishing touch to your bathroom without compromising on comfort.

Here again, fragrant candles make a wonderful addition. After all, nothing beats a long hot soak with essential oils, soft music and candlelight. Nothing that is, except stepping out of the bath into a beautifully warm and snugly bath towel, straight off the radiator.