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7 Clever Tips to Make the Most of a Tight Space

As property prices skyrocket, it’s no surprise to find foldable tables, hidden compartments and other space-saving furnishings gaining popularity. After all, fewer square metres typically cost fewer dollars. But where do you put everything when you downsize?

However, many of these specialised furnishings are expensive as the concept of compact living spaces is trending. Fortunately, you can make the most out of the available space with the following methods:

1. Painting in Tight Quarters

A paintbrush won’t always fit in the small space between your stair balusters and the wall. For these instances, you can consider trimming the edges of your paint stir stick so you can attach a paint pad and use it just like a flatter version of your paintbrush.

2. Driving Nails and Screws in Small Spaces

Instead of hammering nails or screws in the usual way, you will need a different technique to do so in a very limited space. One way is to drive your fasteners at about 45 degrees through one piece of wood into another. You might know this technique as toe-screwing or toe-nailing.

3. Cavity Doors Save Valuable Space

When a door swings inward, it leaves space behind it that you can’t use. But when the door is built into the wall with a roller mechanism, it slides to the side rather than swinging inward so you can squeeze out every bit of space from your unit.

4. Utilize the Backs of Doors

Try hanging some racks, hooks or storage baskets over your door. These handy storage spaces can fit your shoes, accessories and so much more, depending on the size of each compartment or basket.

Want to make full use of your door space? You can hang these storage features on both sides of the door as an extra measure.

5. Go Vertical with Shelves

If you open your closet, there’s a high chance that your hanging clothes don’t touch the bottom of your closet. The space underneath your clothes and similar spaces are known as “vertical space.”

You can utilise vertical spaces for extra storage by organising some foldable clothes underneath, or by installing a second bar just under your closet rod.

6. Fill Your Corners

In narrow bathrooms, a traditional pedestal sink can make the place seem a lot smaller because it reduces the traffic lane in the bathroom. Rather than letting your sink hog the middle segment of your washroom, you can place it in the corner.

For example, a corner sink fits well just across from your toilet rather than opposite your shower space. With the correct decoration and furnishings, you might even be able to store more items under the sink!

7. Save Space with a Strategic Laundry Room

Use your countertop space to store and easily access items organised in baskets, boxes and canisters. You can even use space in the laundry room to store folded clothes. Save even more space by using a multipurpose washing machine that doubles as a dryer!

Image via Pixabay CC0 License