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Tips On Glass Door Repair

Having a broken glass in a door can be a bad experience but it does not have to be the end of the world. Usually, it is fairly easy to repair by yourself as long as you follow these safety tips and repair instructions. Here is a brief breakdown on exactly what should be done to make the best of this bad situation.

The first thing which should be done is to put on a pair of safety gloves. Usually, this will consist of heavy work gloves. The purpose of doing this is because it is very easy to cut your hands and/or fingers when there is broken glass present. By wearing the gloves, you are virtually eliminating the risk of enduring painful cuts or other injuries.

Once the gloves are on, you can begin to pull out the pieces of glass from the door frame. Start with large pieces of glass and then move on to the smaller pieces of glass. Try your best to not drop any on the floor. If you do drop the glass on the floor, make sure to keep wearing the gloves when picking the glass up. This will, again, help to prevent any injuries.

After all glass in the door has been removed, it will next be necessary to take a putty knife and run it along the edge of the frame. What this does is to remove the old caulking which was originally holding the old glass in place. Once the old caulk has been removed, you can re-caulk the frame and then place the glass into the ridge where the fresh caulk was.

As you can see, there is not much to glass door repair dallas tx. Follow these tips and the door will be as good as new.