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Tips For Designing a Functional Living Room

Tips For Designing a Functional Living Room

The living room is usually the meeting point for the entire family on a daily basis, that is why it should be extremely functional and yet to be suitable to all family members. When we create the living room design, we do take into consideration whether there are any pets, children, elderly people and whether the members of the household entertain regularly or on a rare occasions. Based on the family routine, we create a perfectly suitable, comfortable and beautiful living room interior design.

By all means, we shall make the most of the space. One of the most effective ways to achieve a harmony between the convenience and beauty of the space is to customize it by bespoke wall shelves, cabinets and wardrobes which will remain in the same color hue as the rest of the walls, which will not bring it to the visibility unless we do not wish to point those questionable ones as a focal point.

The benches, stools and sofas shall be functional with a lifting seat mechanism, which will allow a spare space beneath. The materials shall be suited to the family’s life style, all though they always have to easy to be kept clean that is why the leather is never out of style, or if the furniture are upholstered, then the upholstery must be removable and washable.

The curtains are an important decorative element of the interior, so we highly recommend to be used for a completeness of the interior / should be the same colors as the walls/. According to the design style, the curtains shall be either linen- which look absolutely amazingly good with a contemporary interior design style; heavy silky curtains for either modern and luxurious or periodic interior design style and of course shutters or blinds depending on the style again.

The rug in the living room will create a luxury, cosy and welcoming mood, so use it bravely! Conform the color scheme and the material to the entire decorative style and make sure that it is larger than the centre piece table or if it covers almost the entire floor, it should be overlaped the furniture.