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How to Start the Remodeling Process

How to Start the Remodeling Process

If you own a home, chances are you’ve thought about some facet of remodeling (unless you built it yourself recently). Something a little more complex than painting may be a job for the professionals-as there are so many ideas to consider in the remodeling process. First, you need to interview yourself and see if you are capable of making this a DIY project.

Research and Retain

Research the project you are thinking about completing. Do you have a concise idea of what you want the project to look like in the end? Think about the timeline of the project and the budget; are you capable of handling this? Next, do you have the tools to complete the project? All of this research should be conducted before you decide to take down the wall with a hammer. Design your project from every aspect whether working with a professional remodeler or just on your own with a pencil and paper. Decide what your budget will be before taking the trip to the home improvement store.

Compare the Cost

Use search engines to look up the professional remodelers in your area. No one is opposed to giving advice, stopping by and ending with a quote. What would it hurt to see how much this would cost? And who doesn’t want to hand over a potential headache? You already have your budget in mind-make sure you stick to it and don’t budge.

Finest Selection

Once you’ve decided if you’re going with a professional remodeler, or doing the project yourself-you must select the material for the project. Make sure you budget time for ordering materials, as the ones you have counted on may not be readily accessible or in stock. Make sure to obtain proper building permits based on your county and state laws if you’re doing the project yourself-if you have a professional doing the work double-check they’ve done this portion of the project.

Make sure to create a log for the remodel and go to it each day to make sure the project is progression properly. If you have hired a contractor they will have meetings with you to keep you up to speed on the project. Make sure to keep these meeting scheduled and be readily available as the contractor may need to ask you imperative questions to move the project along.

Remodel Means Reinvent

That’s right, during the project (especially if you will be living in your home for the duration); you’re going to need to reinvent yourself. You may have to use the guest bathroom, or set-up a make-shift kitchen. You’re going to need to create a space for the work to be done and an area for the contractors to clean-up as well as store their materials. Fret not, this will all be worth it once the project is complete and you’re sitting in your revamped space without the pleasant aroma of sawdust seeping through from under the door.