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Art for Home – Creating Artistic Spaces

Art for Home – Creating Artistic Spaces

For connoisseurs of art, it is always a pleasure to be surrounded with beautiful artifacts. If you want to deck up your home with art pieces, the shopping options you have are huge. You can choose paintings, sculptures, pottery, wall crafts, vases and so many other things. However, the choice should be very personalized. Art pieces should blend in with your interests as well as the home interior design. In addition, since they are usually expensive, you should choose wisely so that you don’t end up paying more for less. While authentic pieces are exorbitantly expensive, you can shop for imitations if you are looking for flexibility in budget.

Keeping arts in tune with interiors

Designers work in two ways. Firstly, if the homeowner has a huge collection, the designer works around them to create a design where they fit in perfectly. Secondly, a space is created in keeping with the requirements of the homeowner and pieces are chosen to complement the design. In either case, the objective is the same – ensuring that arts are in tune with interior d?�cor. This is very important in order to ensure homogeneity of the space.

Arts for ethnic interiors

Ethnic interiors create an opulent, warm and grand ambiance. Traditional arts blend in very well with ethnic interiors when compared to abstract forms of modern art. Go in for some tribal art for best results. In India, you have a wide range of choice in the form of Madhubani paintings, Gond art, Warli paintings, mythological sculptures, tribal masks and others. Aborigine art forms from Africa, native Indian art forms of America and a whole lot of African tribal arts are used in ethnic interiors.

Intricately carved brass and wood statuettes lend a very ethnic appeal and look completely tailor made for such interiors. Stone sculptures are another option, which go well with ethnic looks. Grandly framed photographs of monuments, palaces and old world structures can also be used.

Arts for modern and contemporary interiors

For modern and contemporary interiors, abstract arts are well suited. Well defined forms are not usually used for these interiors. Statuettes made of steel and chrome are extensively used. With these kinds of interiors, minimalism is the main focus. So, elaborate and intricately carved art forms don’t gel well with them. In keeping with the theme, art forms should be simple. Also, since these interiors focus more on light colors with strategic highlights, colorful pieces can be used to add more color and break the monotony of pastel shades.

Placement is a very important criterion with these kinds of interiors. Art should never be crowded on one wall or grouped together in niches. One prominent piece or a couple of smaller ones on one wall is the most you should use.

Choose art according to the room

Art should reflect the mood of the room. In the bedroom, subtle and soothing art pieces are best suited while in the dining room, vibrant pieces work well. Living room art should not be too loud because the space is used for relaxing.

Your art looks best when it is projected well. So, place it in a manner that brings out its beauty.