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Stretching Your Kitchen Remodel Dollars

Remodeling the kitchen can be one of the most rewarding projects you can do. It creates a beautiful place where you can gather with friends and family, and it can increase the value of the house. After all, there is a reason the kitchen is called the heart of the home.

Where to Get Started

A great place to begin is with the walls and flooring. First you need to inspect the room. Can you use the walls and floors as they are now, or do you need to make some changes? Walls can benefit from a simple coat of paint as long as they are structurally sound. Painting techniques such as sponging can hide many imperfections at a reasonable price, and don’t be afraid of vinyl floors. These mimic wood and tile floors at a fraction of the cost.


Decide which appliances can stay and which ones will need to be replaced. New appliances can take up a large portion of your remodeling budget. Make these decisions carefully. You may want to ask for some help from a professional. Many times a stove, dish washer, or refrigerator simply needs some maintenance work in order to have it functioning like brand new again. Places such as Sub Zero Repair Service Miami or your local repair company can determine what the best solution for your appliances would be.

The Finishing Touches

It is the finishing touches that will complete the look of your newly remodeled kitchen. Decide on the style of décor you want. This could be French country, rustic, or contemporary. Then you need to shop for items like curtains, centerpieces, wall art, and other kitchen necessities in the style you have chosen. It is easy to spend a small fortune on these small extras without realizing it. Rather than heading straight to your local department store, try searching for unique items in the thrift shops and second hand stores. Dollar stores and big box stores are also great places to find kitchen towels, placemats, and other accessories.

Once you have taken care of the walls and floors, repaired or replaced the appliances, and added the extra finishing touches, you will be ready to enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen. The best part will be that you didn’t blow your budget during the process.