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Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Are you constantly running out of hot water? If you have a large family, you probably know the inconvenience of waiting for the water to get hot so you can shower. Everything from washing clothes to a house full of teenagers can use quite a bit of hot water. It seems running out of hot water always happens at the most inconvenient time, such as when you need to get to work or have an appointment. A tankless water heater may be the solution.

What Benefits Do Tankless Water Heaters Provide?

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of this type of water heater is that it always has hot water. Since tankless heaters provide hot water on demand, you do not have to wait for the water to heat after someone takes a shower, or the dishwasher was used. Unlike a traditional water heater, the water does not sit in a tank where it is continually heated. A heat exchanger heats the water as it is needed.

A savings on energy costs is another benefit. The water is not being heated constantly to keep it ready to use. Depending on the temperature setting of a traditional tank, after taking a twenty minute shower, it will take an hour for the water to reheat. Professional Plumbing, Inc. is an example of a company that provides tankless water heaters riverside ca.

Other Benefits

A traditional water heater requires about two feet of space, plus a couple of extra inches for the drain pan. It is not recommended to install them in a small space where it is more difficult to work on them if they need repair. A tankless water heater can be installed outdoors with an anti-freeze kit, if desired. They can also be placed on a wall, freeing up floor space.

Choosing a tankless water heater can be beneficial if you are always running out of hot water. They generally outlast traditional water heaters by about five to ten years. You also do not need to worry about the tank rupturing and flooding your home.