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Decorating Ideas For Renters

Decorating Ideas For Renters

When it comes to decorating your home you have many options. That is, if you own your own home. However, if you’re renting, then your options are limited. Normally, you won’t be allowed to make any major changes such as painting the walls or putting down new flooring when you’re renting instead of buying. So what can you do to decorate your home and give it a more personal look when you’re a renter? Below are some great tips that can help you turn a dull boring home into a fun and exciting one, without making major changes.

Decorating ideas for renters:

Use paintings and other art work to add color to the walls and show off your own personal style.

You can paint your old pieces of furniture to help bring them back to life and give them a more dramatic look.

Use plants to add color and style to your home.

When it comes to the sofa, chairs and similar items, choose fabric in neutral colors such as greens, browns and blues for a calm relaxing feeling or bright colorful fabrics for expressing personality.

Use bookshelves to display some of the unique items that you’ve collected through the years.

Throw pillows, blankets and other accessories help to change the whole atmosphere of a room and give it more character.

Use large throw rugs to change the appearance of the flooring and create a whole new look.

Select the curtains for your home carefully. These can have a more dramatic effect on the home than you might think.

Utilize lamps throughout the home to change the lighting and enhance your décor. You can use table lamps, standing lamps or a combination of both.

These ideas can help you change the appearance of the home you’re renting without doing anything drastic that might void your contact with the landlord. Just because you rent your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t be resourceful and create your own personal style.