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The Different Types of Retractable Screens and Awnings Available Today

Many businesses find retractable screens and awnings to be a useful and appealing addition to their office or storefront. Any business owner operating in the Frankfort, Kentucky area should consider retractable screens frankfort ky installation for their own operations. These are functional, raise brand and store visibility to passing by people who could become customers, and give good protection to clients from such bad weather as snow, rain, and hot sun. These commercial grade screens and awnings come in a range of frame styles and fabric colors. They are typically custom created to match the building size, space, and image. We look at some of the different types of retractable screens below.

Storefront Door Awnings

These give attractive brand identity to your business entrance as they protect both your customers and employees from the harsh weather elements. With many businesses, their display merchandise is sensitive to the ravages of the direct sunlight. In a very real sense too much sun light exposure can damage their merchandise on display. These retractable awning screens helps to protect the merchandise even as they provide a stylish appearance to the front of your place of business.

Entrance Canopies

With too many storefronts, customers will track in mud, water, or even slushy snow residue if they must wait outside in it before entering. You can reduce or even eliminate this by offering an entrance canopy. This safeguards your clients from the messier elements and provides an attractive appearance to the front of your company. Patio canopies do more than simply save your customers from bad weather. You can also have lighting added to them to give your clients additional security after dark. Graphics can be included to better promote your company as well.

Patio Enclosures

These awnings and screens are very practical in colder climates where restaurants are concerned. The dining areas will become overcrowded during both fall and winter seasons thanks to the freezing temperatures outside. You can improve sales by enclosing your patio space with a retractable awning screen. These come in several appealing designs that are not simply functional in keeping customers warm in winter, but also protect them from the ravages of the sun in the middle of summer. Fully retractable versions of the patio canopies offer flexibility for your outside spaces. You can provide shade and warmth when appropriate. You can also have natural sunlight for al fresco dining when the weather is ideal.

Solar Screens

It may be that outside mounted TVs suffer from a sunlight glare. The inside area may also be overly bright thanks to blinds that just cannot seem to keep the sunshine outside. This is where vertical solar screens come in handy for protecting both merchandise and customers from the hot summer sun. Other retractable awnings and screens allow for night lighting. These are called back lit awnings. They are constructed from fabrics which are translucent in the face of high power florescent lights. This provides all night visibility to your business or restaurant, so clients can see you around the clock