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What You Need to Consider When Purchasing Your Fitbit Charge 2 Bands

If you are looking to track your fitness journey or your sleep, fitbit is the great device for you, however, you need to take consideration when you are choosing a fitbit accessory to hold your tracker. The following is a buying guide for fitbit bands to match your taste and fashion.

Fitbit accessory bands are made from different materials, therefore, it’s important that you check the bands material prior to purchase. The best bands are made from flexible and durable material and stainless steel buckles that will withstand harsh environmental conditions. Besides, for a classic touch, you can choose a leather band to pair with your charge 2.

In addition, you may want to consider a water resistant band which is not prone to splash or sweat. This is important because contact with moisture or water may damage the band and hence alter its effectiveness. Also, keeping the band dry is great for your skin.

Accessory bands for Fitbit charge 2 come in a wide range of colors so you can have options to choose from. Leather bands come in colors such as black, coffee brown, navy and graphite. Other bands come in colors like pink, white, blush brown, gray, orange and teal. With the different colors, you will be able to interchange the bands based on your preference and hence create a more appealing look.
Before you make any buying decisions, ensure that the wristband you are considering is flexible enough. Some bands have a buckle for a more secure clasp. However, other Fitbit bands don’t have a buckle and this allows for easy adjustment around the wrist as well as makes the band more comfortable.

Sizing is another important factor to consider when you are choosing your Fitbit bands. You need to know the right wristband size for you so as to hold the tracker in place all the time. The bands may come in large, small, medium or extra large sizes. For accurate measurements, use the sizing tool provided in websites of companies that sell Fitbit accessories. Also, there are sites that provide you with information relevant to helping you match your Fitbit band size to your wrist size. The right sizing is also important otherwise the device will not be accurate in tracking your heart rate.

Make sure to shop for your fitbit band from brands that offer at least one year warranty so that you will be protected when something happens. Also, consider one that has a money back guarantee so you can easily return the fitbit band if does not match your expectations. Shop first and compare price of different fitbit accessory bands to enable you to make your purchase based on your budget.

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