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What is a freestanding wine cooler?

Wine coolers often come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but a freestanding wine cooler is, just as the name suggests, freestanding; this means that depending on the scope thereof, you are able to place it just about anywhere you find fitting. However, when it comes to free-standing wine coolers, many people struggle to decide on which wine cooler they want as there are different sizes that could suit a range of needs. Thus, when looking to buy a wine cooler, it is important to assess your needs and wine collection before making a purchase; this way, you are able to know whether you need a big or small freestanding wine cooler.

Freestanding versus the rest

Freestanding wine coolers are seen as the more convenient wine cooler as you can practically place them anywhere where you would like, from being small enough to stand on your counter to being big enough to fit next to your kitchen refrigerator; the size thereof all depends on you and your wine collection. However, there is a common misconception that freestanding wine coolers can be built-in, but this cannot be done and is not advisable. Therefore, due to the wine cooler being freestanding, it is designed to release heat from the back or sides of the unit; thus, it is important that when placing your freestanding wine cooler to ensure that there is ample space for ventilation so that your freestanding wine cooler can operate optimally and not overheat or break down.

Finding the best freestanding wine cooler

When looking to purchase a freestanding wine cooler, one of the most important factors to consider is your budget; this not only determines your boundaries when looking for a wine cooler, but it also determines where you can purchase your wine cooler, as certain stores only stock coolers of a certain price range. Thus, Mirror UK provides an extensive list of the best-rated wine coolers and where to find them, ranging in size and affordability. However, this does not mean that you have to purchase a wine cooler based on the information provided; you are still able to do your own research to find a store and wine cooler which suits you and your needs better; the list just acts as a guide for those who are not as clued up but are considering purchasing a freestanding wine cooler.

Why a freestanding wine cooler

A freestanding wine cooler offers many benefits to its owner, one of the main benefits being that it is freestanding and you are able to fit it into any suitable space. Another benefit that people often overlook is that it not only protects but also preserves your wine collection. Thus, due to the many benefits, people see it as a great investment instead of just a normal purchase. Furthermore, a freestanding wine cooler can be used to chill not just your wine collection but normal beverages if the space allows; this way, you have a range of perfectly chilled drinks on hand when entertaining guests.