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Tips To Get Rid of Ice Dams On Your Roof

If you are like many other homeowners, you are worried about an ice dam forming on your roof every winter. Ice dams occur when snow melts and refreezes at the edge of your roof. The ice dams prevent the melted snow from draining into your gutters, and the excess water can result in leaks and water damage.

The last thing you want to do is spend the money and time to repair water damage in your home. You can hire a roofing Waldorf MD company to repair the damage, but you should also take the proper steps to prevent the ice formations on your roof.

Check Your Attic Insulation

The heat leaking out of your attic plays a big role in ice dams forming. It melts the snow that refreezes around the edge of your roof. This is why it is important to make sure your attic is properly insulated.

Install Roof and Soffit Vents

You can hire a roofing Waldorf MD company to install roof and soffit vents on your roof. The vents are designed to pull in the cold air and reduce the hot air in your attic. This results in a cooler surface on your roof, which prevents the ice from melting and refreezing.

Invest In A Snow Rake

Investing in a snow rake is a great way to prevent ice dams from forming. It provides an easy way to remove the snow from your roof. You do not need to worry about any snow melting and refreezing because it will be gone.

There is always a chance you are going to find ice dams on your roof, even if you have taken all the precautions to prevent the ice formations. If you notice ice dams forming on your roof, contact a roofing Waldorf MD company right away. A professional has the experience and equipment necessary for taking care of an ice formation.

If you want to prevent leaks and water damage in your home, make sure you take the proper steps to prevent ice dams on your roof.