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Protecting Bird Feed Squirrels are comparable to marmite, you either love or hate them! Squirrels can cause havoc to your backyard garden and bird feeding regimen. Many people struggle to keep squirrels away from scaring their favorites birds or accessing bird feed. Their determination can result in major property damage and during their breeding season, extreme noise. Being natural gnawers squirrels have ever growing incisors that require constant chewing for trimming, maintenance, and sharpening. Thus, squirrels have voracious appetites, are extremely sneaky, and deft at avoiding deterrence measures. Using traps to control their activity is usually frustrating as they can leap distances of over 8 feet and scale steel poles. With phenomenal balancing ability, they can effortlessly evade lengths of thin trap wires. Also, their knack to burrow and swim makes it difficult to protect your bird feed. Trying to control squirrels is a source of frustration for many individuals. How can you distract squirrels away from bird feeders? You can use the measures outlined in this article for deterrence. Your first option would be utilizing a combination of techniques to control their activity. The second option would be to build squirrel feeders to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Finally, if squirrels prove aggressive, you could hire the local squirrel control agency to eradicate the menace or offer advice. Research online or consult your local directory to find out whom to contact.
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If you have decided to use the first method, the following suggestions may be helpful. Acquire squirrel proof bird feeders and place them away from any trees or branches and hang them 10 feet high. Before purchasing squirrel proof feeders, assess their implications. Brand manufacturers often attach lifetime guarantees that void the effectiveness of their brand to deter squirrels.
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You can limit the rodent’s ability to access bird feed by placing cylindrical mesh guards over tube feeders. Different types of mesh guards are available in the market to satisfy your particular requirements. Another effective method is the use of weight activated bird feeders which automatically close feeding ports. A revolving motorized system on weight activated feeders denies squirrels the chance to consume bird food. With time, squirrels realize the futility of feeding from a weight activated feeder and leave it, well, alone! Squirrel domes and baffles are useful components in restricting access to bird feeders. Using slinkies and greasing feeder poles can substantially protect your bird feeders from leaping squirrels. You should also consider ground feeding your birds. Quit hanging bird feeders on poles. Rather, you should cover your feeding trays with feeding guardians. Using feeding guardians with the smallest meshes prevents squirrels from accessing bird food.