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Tile Troubles? Easy Steps to Fix a Broken Tile

Tile Troubles? Easy Steps to Fix a Broken Tile

Tiles are a popular and durable flooring choice, but accidents happen. Don’t worry; fixing a broken tile is a manageable DIY project. Follow these steps for a seamless repair that restores the beauty of your tiled surfaces.

Assessing the Damage:
Begin by assessing the extent of the damage. Determine whether the tile is chipped, cracked, or completely shattered. This evaluation helps you understand the repair needed and whether the tile can be fixed or requires replacement.

Gathering Your Materials:
Before diving into the repair, gather the necessary materials. You’ll need replacement tiles (if the damaged tile is irreparable), a hammer, chisel, putty knife, adhesive, grout, a sponge, and a cloth. Ensure the replacement tile matches the existing ones for a cohesive look.

Removing the Broken Tile:
Start by carefully removing the broken tile. Use a hammer and chisel to break the