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Popular Types of Windows to Have Installed at Your Home

When it comes to making your home look great, windows are an important aspect to consider. Their size, shape, and trim colors can define your home or leave it looking misplaced. By understanding the various types of windows that are available for purchase, you can better decide which designs go with your overall style.

The most popular window style used in many homes across the globe are double hung windows. Before these were available, single hung windows were the fashion. But now, double hung windows are becoming the newest craze due to their added convenience of being able to remove both glass panes at different times. These windows are very simple to clean and allow for both upper and lower ventilation.

Pictures windows are those that you see in most luxurious homes which have a spectacular view. They’re meant to allow for as much viewing pleasures as possible without interruptions. It’s important to realize that many picture windows can’t be opened due to their sheer size. These windows are specifically designed for viewing pleasure only.

Bay windows are the next popular type of window. They are typically used in kitchens or sunrooms. These create a good angular view that gives the building a hint of character in the outward projection which is visible from the exterior of the home. Sunroom window treatments horry county sc can tint the bay window colors to keep out a ton of sun rays when these windows are placed in areas of high light.

Casement windows tend to be the more classic look for those old-time homes. These are typically found in kitchens and in sunrooms. They are operated by a crank handle that pushes the window in an outward direction. These are great for letting in lots of fresh air. These types of windows provide a larger viewing area than traditional double hung windows since there is no need for a bar in the middle of the pane.

Awning windows are a popular choice for beach homes and homes in similar areas where it’s necessary to let in the breeze. These windows work by opening outwards. They’re hinged at the top, so they can be pushed out at the bottom, left, or right side. Many homes will utilize regular bay windows and awning windows below. These are ideal for locations where there is room to pop open the bottom of the window. These aren’t recommended for basement locations.

There are many different types of windows that you can have installed at your home. The location of where you live, the style of home you have, where the sun comes up, and your personal preferences are all going to play a role in the types of windows that you have installed. To ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your window purchase, you should be familiar with all the window types above. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about what styles of windows that you’re going to have installed at your home.