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Making a Rag Rug the Easy Way

Making a Rag Rug the Easy Way

Although making rag rugs is a traditional and old craft, it has become quite popular in the last years. I believe that the reason for the interest in this old craft is because making rag rugs is quite environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The world has changed and we now value the practices that are good for our environment. Sometimes people also use recycled materials to make these beautiful rag rugs. This practice is actually considered an art.

With this article I aim to give you some simple and easy to follow tip for making rag rugs the easy way. What design you are going to go for is only up to you, but it is advisable that you go with simpler models at first. Maybe you should try a square design? Your skill level also plays a huge role in this part.

Before starting you should consider the materials that you are going to use. Some of the most popular materials that are widely used for rag rug making include cotton fabric strips, jersey fabric strips, foil strips, tapestry canvas, carpet blinding tape and rug hook.

The second thing that you should consider is the technique that you are going to use. I believe that the most common one is the hooking. The hooking technique represents the practice in which you pull fabric strips through a hole by using scissors. If you want to create an interesting effect, you might want to consider combining loops piles and cut piles. By doing this you will be able to create a very sculptural look. Be sure to leave a few inches for the border when you are starting a project because you will be able to use it at the end to give it a really professional finished look.

It is important to know that making a rag rug can be a very fun and satisfying activity. You really have the chance to express your creative side here. Rag rugs also represent a very beautiful and practical way to recycle. Another benefit that they offer is the fact that they are very durable and easy to clean. They also go very well in just about any room that you may wish to place them in. They have the ability to bring a little light into your home and make it much more welcoming. You just can’t go wrong with them.