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Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Homes

Once the word celebrity is mentioned, everybody expects something special to come up. In order to preserve the entire image, every celebrity takes pride in the way their villas house the little time they have to spend in their privacy. Amazing environments have been created especially for them. And in many cases, they are simply taking the breath away to anybody who may take a glimpse. Windows seem willing to reveal those wonders to the entire world.

Just that everything is protected against the curious eye. Trusty knights, the curtains try to hide the celebrities from the public eye, trying to create that atmosphere of calm and protection, so munch desired. Well known designers have made wonders turning common interiors in fairytale-like realms. Almost all designers have reached the conclusion that feeling comfortable is more important than being fashionable. When both sides may be reconciled, then perfection is reached.

The choice of the right fabric for the curtains turns the interior into a warm, cheerful and relaxing space. These apparently unimportant accessories help you live your life in a different mood. Certain styles have become more than famous and few celebrities are not willing to try them. The famous fabrics like the damask give the impression of high quality to the entire room.

They go very well together with organza or natural silk, but celebrities have left designers make these mixtures and their homes look like miniature masterpieces. Just like human beings, rooms ask for certain outfit. One part of it is represented by curtains. A Gothic window will ask for special textures while a baroque one will need a rich draping. On the other hand, a modern structure will ask for futurist accessories from cast iron or brass that go together with “pret-a-poser” curtains. Transparent curtains seem not to be observed at all, but in fact, they are so “light” that the impression is they vanish in the daylight. Gauze may create an amazing effect since it cannot prevent light from caressing the room. Long curtains, with rich crinkles offer an elegant look and go perfectly with a living or a dinning room.

Most celebrities matched them with stylish tiebacks. Designers have used shorter curtains in the children’s rooms or in the bedrooms where a plus of youth was necessary. Everything may be changed according to your own wishes the moment you buy the right curtains. They seem to function like the magic wands changing everything in the house.