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4 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

Whether you plan on serving authentic Italian cuisine or just plain burgers and fries, you’re probably wondering how to keep your new commercial kitchen running smoothly. By doing the following, you will minimize mistakes and maximize quality.

Know Your Appliances

Don’t let new employees handle equipment they haven’t been trained to use. Before putting anything into their hands, make sure they aren’t just familiar with how to operate it, but how to do so safely. Keep an eye out for malfunctioning appliances and fix them immediately. Even if they can still perform their intended function, waiting until an appliance breaks further will shorten its life and lead to bigger expenses down the road.

Inspect Your Freezer

You should have someone do a walk-through at least daily to ensure the temperature is appropriate and that things are stocked up and in order. A deep clean should take place once a month where old and expired ingredients are properly disposed of.

De-grease Your Kitchen

Not only do you need to find a reliable grease trap cleaning company Texas to stop by every three months, but you should also be cleaning vent hoods and ducts bi-annually. If you cook a lot of greasy foods, you may need to service your equipment more.

Maintain Your Area

Clean-up should be part of your cooks’ process of using an appliance or counter area. Be sure everyone knows how to properly handle messes to prevent unnecessary scrambling for a clean utensil or counter that may not exist. Before everyone goes home, all dishes should be cleaned and put away, and all surfaces should be disinfected. Drip trays, floors and appliances should be cleaned daily. Regularly inspect air filters on freezers and refrigerators, as clogs will greatly hinder their functioning.

Commercial kitchens can be very chaotic places, especially when dinner time rolls around. By keeping everything in order, you get food on tables with as few hiccups as possible.