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Time for A Better Lawn

For those of us in the landscaping business, there are certain principles that we take for granted. After years of experience, we don’t even think about some of these minor points of the business. But it is exactly this kind of knowledge that I wish to share with you today.

Let’s start by talking about maintenance. Obviously, keeping your lawn mowed is part of this. But, to really keep that brush under control, you need to invest in a weed-eater. Once you have the length under control, you might be looking at some bare patches and muddy spots which interfere with that nice uniform mat you want. So, get yourself a little bit of grass seed but don’t put it down yet.

That bare patch of ground you see is there for a reason. Unless the area was shaded or covered, you will probably need to fertilize it a little bit. That brings us to a discussion about fertilizers. There are so many options in this department that it’s hard to decide. My advice is to use natural materials as fertilizer for small bare spots. There is no need to use a strong chemical fertilizer just to grow some grass. Those kinds of fertilizers are intended mainly for vegetable plants. All vegetable plants need a lot more nutrients than grass, so this would be overkill.

For your natural fertilizer, you will want to collect some organic, nutrient-containing material. Fruit peels, melon rinds, meat scraps, etc. Just remember, if it’s good for you, it’s probably good for the ground. The easiest way is to just go to the store and buy a bunch of bananas. Chop them up and put them on your bare patch. Now, take your spade and start working the organic material into the soil. Don’t go too deep, or the nutrients will be hard for the root systems to reach. You shouldn’t have to dig deeper than six inches. Now, put down your grass seed and wait. Banana peels are preferred for their high potassium content.

While we are talking about fertilizers, there are a large number of fertilizers that are specifically intended to provide greener grass. A quick search of the available brands should help you find something. I personally prefer Miracle-Gro.

A sprinkler system is also essential. If you are looking for a sprinkler system Inver Grove Heights MN has no shortage of options. I recommend making a few calls to compare prices and general appeal. There are several things you should look for. It is a good sign if the contractor wants to come out and physically inspect the site as soon as possible. Of course, you should check and make sure that the contractor is properly licensed in your state, and that they are insured. They should at least have a decent rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

You also need to make sure that your contractor provides you with an itemized list that shows you exactly what you are paying for, and how much you are paying for each item. This can be used to evaluate their prices and determine if the overall price is reasonable. Bear in mind that the backflow preventer (which is required) should be included as part of the irrigation system. Watch out because some people will try to charge you twice for this!

I hope the above has been helpful. While I know these are very basic tips, I feel that we all need to start somewhere. Remember that everyone has to be an amateur before they can be an expert!