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Stylizing the Home With Futuristic Furniture

Stylizing the Home With Futuristic Furniture

In the time before the war, only the very rich people in America could afford a backyard with a well kept garden. After the war when most of the people had money they too wanted to have houses with well kept backyards. This is the reason why there was an increase in the demand for outdoor furniture.

This is why the modern style of interior design is something that is completely way off the traditional and something that is new, sleek and sophisticated. There were many styles that were created for the modern living room design options at that time and most of them are now coming back into vogue in the 21st century.

Features of the modern living room design

The most prominent feature of this style was the matching sets of furniture and creation of separate bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. The decorating styles that were adopted for matching sets were sleek and oozing with modernity. The materials that were used were brighter ones and also lighter, and the most commonly used material was blonde wood. The pieces were very simple with no additional decorations and fittings but at the same time very elegant. The surfaces were smooth and the textured look of the traditional homes did not exist any more.

Every new home had a matching set for the bedroom and this included a set of beds and tables at either side of the beds. There was also a dressing table which may or may not have a mirror. In short it had a very modern and very sleek look. Another addition to the styles was the molded appeal and also the use of synthetic materials to make the pieces. These were usually made in white, with colorful cushions and pads for the chairs. This gave the home or office a comfortable look and uniqueness. These are some of the features of the modern living room furniture and you never know what could come back after some years. It is advisable to keep all the old pieces of furniture that could come back to fashion after some years.