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Painting Tips Home With The Right Techniques

House painting job is tricky, it’s easy if you know the basic techniques of painting the house, but it will be hard and the result was not optimal if you have not mastered the technique. For the perfect painting, to consider not only the quality of the paint used, but also the application technique to be really precise so that the results can be maximized like what Scituate painters do for their job. Maybe you want to read these tips on how to paint the house itself, a new, minimalist, the better the results.

  • Prepare tools before painting your minimalist home, such as brushes and cans of water.
  • Stir paint advance for about five minutes.
  • Do not forget to order other items from being exposed to paint, first move or if it is not possible to use newspapers to cover it.
  • Clean the first wall of the house with a vacuum cleaner if there is, it could be with a duster or a broom. If too dirty can be scrubbed with a detergent or cleaning fluid mushrooms and then wipe the surface with water.
  • If there is a section that cracked like cracks, nail holes and others that need to be leveled, putty and smooth with plamir wall sections that need to be patched.
  • Coat the first wall with primer, wait about 1-2 hours to dry. This is done in order to get the final result is more optimal, especially if you use bright colors.
  • Then, prepare the paint with water as much as 10 percent of the amount of paint, mix for 5 minutes.
  • Tricks with flat paint is by making movements zigzag up and down repeatedly until the walls closed flat. After 2-3 hours back with a new coat of paint in order to maximize results. Roller can be used to flatten the surface color of the walls.
  • For the ceiling could use a roller, paint mixture made slightly viscous that are not easily drip and accelerate progress.
  • If you want to change the color of the other wall must be sanded until smooth. Clean with a cleaning tool, and then freshly painted with the color you like.
  • So that the walls do not look different colors, the way he is working on one area of the wall surface at that moment in time so that the color of the surface of all relatively the same.
  • The time lapse between the layers one with both about 1-2 hours and not too fast nor too long.