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Ideas For Blinds and Window Treatments

Ideas For Blinds and Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains give you a lot of versatility to your room. It can be a great decorating compromise. It can also help you save on your budget. Here are a few tips for blinds and window treatments.

You might be a little bit afraid to you use two different window treatments. This might seem a little bit stuffy at first. This was very common a few decades ago. People that would layer sheers, curtains, and valances. This is a very formal feeling that might remind you of your grandmother’s home. However, it can really provide a lot of privacy as well as design elements. Going with a blind and a simple curtain is a much sleeker update and more casual. However, it also gives you all the function of having two window treatments because it gives you some privacy and style at the same time.

You want to make sure that your curtains aren’t bulky. This is essential when you layer fabrics. However, using very heavy curtains or a high-quality drape can even help cut down on your utility bills. It will make your home more energy efficient by keeping out the cold or the sun. It also allows you to just use a few pieces of fabric for a totally new look in your room. You can use your existing window treatments for function and then just add in a small cornice box. You can just install some ribbons on your blinds for a touch of color and elegance.

Blinds don’t have to be predictable or cheap looking. You can use these window treatments in a wide variety of design styles. For instance, you could go with wood blinds in a colorful valance for a French country look. Another option is to use a sleek grass shade. These blinds are very inexpensive but they also won’t keep the light all the way out. However, these are a really stylish. It can really help you build a window treatment that will still look light though it has several layers to it.

You might want to mix and match blinds and your window treatments. You might have difficulty in finding ready made treatments that will work for all of your windows. In a lot of new homes you’ll often have several different varieties of French doors, windows, and skylights all in the same space. It can be very difficult to find one treatment that will match all of these different design styles. You can layer your treatments or just use pieces in the same color so that they all coordinate together. This is a great solution if you have an open floor plan because all of your curtains will still match but you’ll be able to get a unique look depending on the style and purpose of each room.