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Home Theater Design: Things To Keep In Mind

Home Theater Design: Things To Keep In Mind

Home theater design may be easier than you think; as long as you have of your needs and priorities. Establish the overall quality of entertainment that you want, decide on the ideal room, and work with your existing electronics.

Figure Out Your Space

Probably one of the hardest core decisions when planning your space is to figure out which room you wish to use. Below are a couple of key elements to consider if you are trying to establish the best choice for your home theater design project:

Begin with the question of accessibility. Is this a family entertainment room or a private one? In other words, do you want it easily accessible or do you want a back basement room for privacy? People install their home theaters everywhere in their house-from spare bedrooms to main living areas.

Similar equipment can actually sound completely different depending on the room. From size, to shape, to type & placement of furniture, to the wall &ceiling materials; all the architectural factors of a room will affect sound quality.

Before you decide to change the fundamental physical components of a room, simply try moving your sound system into different corners and angles trying to figure out the best acoustics. Sometimes an easy shift of your speakers will save you money on a complete remodel.

See Where Your Imagination Takes You

Regardless of whether you are adding on a room or remodeling an existing one, there are a humungous variety of different styles and motifs you can incorporate into your home theater design space. Classic American, Colonial, Modern, Futuristic, the Bat Cave… whatever you can imagine. Remember, this is supposed to be an entertainment room, so let your ideas run wild. Other themed room ideas (they are not just for the kids):

Under the seas in a submarine, finished off with portholes containing in-wall speakers.

The classic early twentieth century theater setting complete with velvet ropes, luxury red seats, and some plush carpeting; all to bring you back to the era of Hollywood furs and fedoras.

A science fiction spaceship setting; keep it futuristic and fun.

The classic sports fan den; plaster your walls with your home team’s colors and logo.

The art house film buff look is always popular-posters of favorite movies, cinema paraphernalia, and some lush viewing chairs

The outdoor theater is increasingly popular in the Maryland area. Ready to make your porch an outdoor entertain hub?

The gaming/entertainment room is another increasingly popular style. Take your great acoustics; mix with a dash of awesome movie equipment, and then drag in a pool table and dart board. What do you end up with? The house that everyone wants to party in!

Do Not Forget Budget

It is easy to get carried away when you are trying to plan out the perfect space for your relaxation, entertainment, or getaway spot. However, writing down, explicitly, the items you will need to purchase to round out your theme will help you determine the overall budget for your room. Remember, if you do go lavish, this room will tremendously increase the overall value of your property.