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Green Architects Set New Design Trends in Eco-Friendly Living

Green Architects Set New Design Trends in Eco-Friendly Living

Today the trend in architecture is going green. Eco-friendly housing methods highlighting aesthetics that match the natural surroundings are being incorporated even in luxury housing designs. It’s becoming easier all the time to find an architect who can provide the home an owner has conceptualized.

In Seattle, Washington modern, luxury home architecture that is eco-friendly works on minimal structure. Odos Architects composed floor plans accentuating minimal structure. Their house designs are composed mostly of concrete plane floors and rows of metal framed wood siding accenting large glass windows

The home’s interiors may not be especially remarkable, but are very impressive and livable. The round window of an old stone structure connects creatively with the pitched side roof. Living areas allow for modern luxury living. The renovated farm buildings surrounding the home are juxtaposed with similar shades of gray and brown.

A contemporary luxury kitchen with a wooden island and modern lighting utilizes rough factory stone with refined, smooth concrete. Creative doors of weathered wood accent the parallel wooden slats on the walls. It’s a new vision from every perspective

Odos Architects design projects providing luxurious, eco-friendly housing. Their process focuses on developing sites within walking distance of neighborhood businesses. This building concept gives architects and builders a unique way of looking at future residents. The people living in these houses enjoy the advantages of natural lighting for energy efficiency.

A way of connecting places to people provides another layer of luxury living. The basic concrete structure supports the wooden building and a green roof system that makes these sustainable structures also eco-friendly. This contemporary, luxury residence in Melbourne, Australia incorporates a modern swimming pool in the design.

Independent buildings on the location serve different functions and provide space for independent family members. Their green roofs insulate, clean the air, even act as garden space and are linked together with a bridge and ladder system. This green design choice may not be allowed in areas with strict building codes.

A modern luxury home office may be designed into the floor plan. Areas can become living and dining space for adult children living at home by using more temporary structural materials such as wood. A common reference system for room spaces allows the feel of community.

A rare color choice seen on the exterior of homes is black. But the Spanish designers A-Cerohave proved that this concept can make remarkable, luxury home treatments. Their black home is designed with a swimming pool in the garden. This architectural studio was founded by Joaquin Torres who has specialized in manufacturing beautifully designed prefabricated homes. The houses are composed of specially ordered modules which are then built on the site. This makes an affordable, luxury home for the customer. The modules are produced in such a way that they can be assembled in many configurations.

Their most notable project is a recently completed family model home that’s furnished in Madrid, Spain. The project’s smallest design provides 2 bedrooms, common rooms, a kitchen and bath. The interior courtyard includes a small outdoor swimming pool with a mini-beach surround. The home’s outer walls are a shiny black material, reflecting the environment on all sides. A mix of ornamental paving sections and small white stones along with the lawn and garden make an outdoor dining area for both adults and children.