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Creating Curb Appeal With Your Home Design Plans

Creating Curb Appeal With Your Home Design Plans

The housing market has taken a beating over the past few years due to the continuing economic crisis. It can be difficult to get the money you deserve for your house. Investing a little money into improving the curb appeal of your home can make the difference in how much your house is worth.

Curb appeal means how people feel about the way your house looks. Potential buyers will start judging your property as soon as they see it. If your house has older windows, consider replacing them. The windows should suit the style of your home. A house built on country house plans should have different windows than a Victorian style home. Your roof is important as well. No one will want to buy a house with broken or missing shingles. Depending on your skill level, you might be able to do these repairs yourself. Otherwise, you should look for a skilled contractor for the repairs.

Cracked or peeling paint makes a house look shabby. A few days of scraping and painting can make your house shine. This is also a good time to consider color schemes. The look of homes built with southern house plans can really pop if you paint the trim with contrasting colors from the main body of the house. White paint can show dirt and require a lot of cleaning, so consider another shade for your home. Do not choose anything too loud or garish since that could scare buyers off. If you live in an area with a home owners association, make sure you do not pick colors that violate your agreement. Your house should look distinct from your neighbors’ homes but still look like part of the neighborhood. If your paint is in good shape but looks dinghy, consider power washing your home to make it shine.

Landscaping plays a huge role in curb appeal. No matter what home design plans your house is built with, the land your home sits on impacts how it looks. Yards should be kept neatly mowed and edged. Flowerbeds should be kept free of weeds. Trees and shrubs should be kept trimmed. Most people prefer symmetrical things, so try to keep your landscaping balanced. Mailboxes should be sturdy and along the same style as your house. House numbers should be easy to see from the street. These are relatively inexpensive to replace. A cracked or stained driveway can detract from your home, so you should have it repaired and resealed. Buyers want to look at your home and imagine themselves living in it. This is easier to do if there are few of your personal items visible. Get rid of any clutter like your children’s toys or your yard equipment. If you have a lot of yard art, you want to take it down.