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Bathroom Planning And Plumbing Tips

Bathroom Planning And Plumbing Tips

The bathroom, after the kitchen, is one of the most important rooms in your house. A modern-looking bathroom will increase the price of your property should you decide to sell in the future. A bathroom with modern plumbing fixtures is always an advantage as the buyer will know they will not have to fork out on any renovations when buying the house.

It is very important to plan and research your bathroom before you get started – you can use bathroom design software to help you plan the dimensions of your bathroom and decipher where you want all of the important fixtures to go: toilet, sink and bath/shower. The main things you will need to consider when planning are the flooring, fixtures and accessories. Bathroom planning software is a computer-aided software that allows you enter your room dimensions and work out which fixtures look best where – you will also need to find out where each fixture should be placed in terms of plumbing, as well aesthetics. The software will allow you to see exactly how your bathroom will look, at the right dimensions and will ensure you have a smoother journey when it comes to the renovation stage. If the bathroom isn’t properly planned, you may need to move fixtures, costing you time and money.

The main things to consider when planning your bathroom renovation are the flooring, fixtures and accessories. Firstly, the flooring, and this will depend mainly the budget you have for renovating. You should ensure your tiles are 100% waterproof – this may seem like we’re stating the obvious but people fail to realise porcelain and marble tiles aren’t always waterproof. If you are laying your tiles yourself, you need to make sure you are confident in placing them so they aren’t wonky. Badly placed tiles can lead to cracks causing leakage through to the room below. The fixtures you choose for your bathroom will also depend on your budget but also, what type of decor you are choosing. Do you want just the three basic amenities (toilet, sink and bath/shower) or are you wanting a fancy walk-in shower and no bath? This will all depend on personal preference and the size of your bathroom. If you don’t have the room for a walk-in shower you could fix a fancy monsoon shower head above your bath to give your shower a more luxurious feel. You should also heavily consider the lighting and ventilation when it comes to your bathroom.

DIY can be a finicky subject among homeowners – most of the time it’s better to hire a contractor to the plumbing as it’s tricky to get right and should be done by trained tradesmen – the last thing you want is a flooded bathroom. You should scour the internet to find quotes and compare prices of equipment and services to ensure you are getting a sound deal. Even though you will more than likely hire a contractor it’s still worth knowing the basic plumbing facts so you know you are getting a job done properly by the tradesmen you have employed.