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How Often Do You Service Your HVAC System?

How often do you service your HVAC? It is quite disturbing that most people do not realize the importance of routine check for their HVAC systems. According to a survey carried out on how often people service their HVAC, about 55 percent don’t fix it if it is not faulty. 16 percent of the respondents usually service theirs once in a year while about 28 percent service theirs at least twice a year.

According to a reliable contractor for boiler installation Alexandria VA, it is most advisable to service it at least twice a year although servicing your HVAC once a year is not bad either. But it is not a good idea to wait until it is broken before you fix it.

You need to understand that the filters, fins, and coils in your HVAC require regular maintenance that involves cleaning to function effectively. When you don’t service …