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Website Lawn Mower Reviews Releases Top 10 Gas Lawn Mowers List For Consumers


(Atlanta, GA)–Strengthened by renewed consumer spending in areas such as home and yard improvements, the lawn and outdoor equipment stores segment of the market has recovered markedly over the last five years. In fact, lawn and garden machinery, which includes the lawn mower heading, makes up the largest portion of industry merchandise, and accounted for approximately 87% of 2015’s total revenue.  With consumers investing in such large ticket items such as yard mowers, the need for consumer activism is strong, according to John Deer, spokesman for Lawn Mower Reviews, an online consumer advocacy site.

John D. explains, saying, “Everyday, I’m asked, ‘What’s the best gas powered lawn mower for me?’, and of course, the answer is different for everyone. So, I decided there was definitely a niche in the market for a lawn mower advice and review site. With that, was born.”  The site, which provides reviews on a number of different models recently released its Top 10 Gas Lawn Mowers for consumer consideration.

Says Deer, “If you look around, you’ll find a ton of really terrific gas lawn mowers in stores and online these days, and if you looked only at the features, you might vote them the best gas lawn mower, however, when put to practice in the front yard of real life, they simply did not make the list.”

Providing reviews and comparison charts, the site is an invaluable resource for those who’ve been burned in the past, and hope to be savvy shoppers in the future, says Deer. “I think everyone has had one of those experiences where they’ve had an expensive item prove not worth the price. This is where we feel our site can be the perfect go-to spot for the research you know you should be doing before purchasing. You don’t want to have to be dependent on the word of the salesman at the store, and with this kind of information, you know if what they’re telling you is true or not.”

In addition to the top ten list, Deer is providing home lawn tips, information about lawn mower maintenance and multiple other associated topics.

About Lawn Mower Reviews:

Lawn Mower Reviews provides provides an online outlet to find the best lawn mower for any needs. Whether it be for commercial use or home use, Lawn Mower Reviews will have a lawn mower to suit the needs.