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Preparation For A Triathlon

Triathlon is a real test of a man’s competitiveness and stamina. Basically, the setup is a race to which the participants will swim, cycle and run with no break in between. There are a number of standard distances for such races actually which range from sprint distance events through ultra distance events.

Aside from different lengths of the course, there are other levels of competitiveness as well. And this includes local club events, national events as well as Olympic level events. Among the many different reasons why triathlon becomes a popular sport is that the lead changes often. The reason for this is quite straightforward, athletes who participated in the event have their own strengths and weaknesses in different parts of the race.

And for the standard distances for each and every part of the race, for sprint sprint is .47 miles for swimming, 12 miles for cycling and 3.1 miles for running, this then varies to .03 miles, 25 miles and 6.2 miles respectively for standard levels, 1.2 miles, 56 miles and 13.1 miles accordingly for long and for those who seek the ultimate triathlon race, you can go for ultra with distances of 2.4 miles for swimming, 112 miles for cycling and 26.2 miles for running.
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You may think that you have to be a swimmer, cyclist and runner to finish the race when training for triathlon. Experienced and seasoned athletes are advising amateurs to take a step back and see to it that their body and mind is prepared for the race. There are some clubs in various cities and larger towns as well where you can have expert guidance.
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Among the key disciplines that should be learned is to be sure that you are not wasting any of your energy by using the wrong technique. For instance, swimmers may waste huge amount of their energy by bringing their head too high out of water on every stroke they make. In addition to that, you must be able to know the basic strategies such as the knowledge on how you can pace yourself on each stage of the race.

Separately, you should train for a changeover between different stage of the race. While this is not that important, your first attempts where finishing is your main objective can actually make a huge difference to your performance. And if you want to know more about proper diet to prepare you for the race, seasoned triathletes in local clubs can be of big help as well. As for your diet, this is going to cover the period when you are training and on the race day as well.

You need special gear before you can get started as for the equipment.