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Tips for Finding a Good Cabin Rental

So it’s set – a cabin rental for your next family vacation. But how to begin? With the large number of cabin rentals you’ll find, you practically have a sea of choices to scan through. That can be overwhelming.

To make your job of finding the right cabin rental easier, follow these tips:

Check in advance.

Many people begin planning their summers right after New Year’s. As well, in many of the popular destinations, you’re going to find loyalists, or people who’ll be renting the same property each year for the same time period. For the widest selection, begin even shortly before New Year’s and and inquire about discounts for early birds. Sometimes, this discount can be as high as 10%, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Define your wants and needs.

Bringing your doggo? Ask if they allow pets. Plan to have some cookouts? The grill should be in perfect shape. Yes, you need a written contract, and this document should have all of these details and more, including a contact person’s name and number (in case you have issues during your stay).

If it’s better to wait, do so.

This may seem like the antithesis to the first tip, but in very popular destinations, supply outweighs demand. This is why as the high season nears, owners and agents will be found in a rush to rent out their properties.
So unless with your dates and amenity requirements are set in stone, you holding off that cabin rental search until the last minute can offer you savings. Just don’t obsess with a specific rental, and bear in mind that this game is essentially risk vs. reward.

Examine the fine print.

Before you accept a cabin rental agreement, understand what the deal involves. Check the terms and conditions and all the nitty-gritties. Are furnishings included? How about transportation? Cleaning services? Insurance? What are your responsibilities? Whatever other details you’re concerned about, ask the agent or owner. An unwanted surprise hardly fits into most people’s picture of a vacation.

Many cabin rental sites post reviews and feedback given by guests. Spend time to read a few. Don’t forget that a cabin rental is far from booking a hotel room – you have a binding contract between you and the owner. You can’t just cancel and expect a full refund. Sometimes, you may have to wait a few weeks or even an entire month. So don’t think you’re being too fussy when you have nagging questions in your head. That’s just how it goes.
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