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Repair the Broken Pipes Properly

There are probably three things which keep home and business owners awake at night: fire, theft, and broken pipes. The first two are tragic. However, with proper insurance, those items can be replaced.

The Frustration of Broken Pipes

Broken pipes are another matter. Even if the flow is quickly contained there are potential issues with mold and contamination. Furthermore, some insurance policies don’t cover water damage. And this means loss of both property and money.

Thus, you want to make repairs to the pipe as quickly as possible. But this also causes issues. Big equipment needs to come in to dig up the area and find the problem. This can cause power and water outages in your nearby area and result in a huge bill.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

The solution may be through trenchless pipe repair. Not only does it save money but it also provides a quick solution with minimal tear up of the property. Here are three reasons why this form of repair can be right for you.

Your Property is Barely Touched

Trenchless pipe repair doesn’t tear up driveways, landscaping, or other areas which could require additional money for repair. Instead, it uses devices from companies like Hurco Technologies to determine where the leaks are. For example, smoke testers can reveal the problem points.

Internal Pipe Replacement

In other words, whole areas of the line don’t need to be dug up and replaced. Trenchless pipe repair fixes the issues in different ways. If the repair is small enough, they can apply a sealant around the affected line to seal the leak. If a replacement is needed, they fit the new pipe inside the old to break the existing one apart.


Savings come in both money and time. While there may be a small disruption in water service while the pipe is repaired, it isn’t nearly as long as it would be if everything was torn up. Because of this, you only pay a fraction of what it could have cost for a standard repair.