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Renovating Your Home with Terrazzo Tegels: Make Your Room Smart & Modern

 Buying a new accommodation, making repairs, or refreshing flats involves the renovation of the property that brings a fresh, attractive look to the residence and comfort to its owners. When making a plan for your future housing, it’s easy to get mixed in the massive variety of materials, textures, colors, combinations, conveniences, etc. 


 No matter what area you plan to renovate – a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, you need to puzzle out what style you’d like to follow, which lining material to use for walls, and floor, and what fabric and color palette to apply. So, you’ll need plenty of time to get things straight.


 Choosing high-quality fixtures, accessories, and modern furniture is also an essential point that will accomplish the appearance of any apartment. An equally important thing is a choice of tile for the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. Today’s market is full of tile options like metal wall tiles, graphic wall or floor tiles, glass mosaic-like tiles, with geometric shapes, or wood imitation.


  In this article, we’ll discuss the peculiarities of terrazzo tegels and how this type of tile will assist you to transform your interior. Terrazzo tiles will definitely bring your housing an eye-catching look due to its extraordinary patterns and stone-like surface that altogether won’t look like something common, presenting you with modern and chic space.

Terrazzo Tegels: What Is It and Why It’s So Popular Nowadays?

 Let’s start with outlining what terrazzo means, what features distinguish it from other tilings, and generally why it’s worth using for accommodation design. As usual, terrazzo consists of marble chips or other aggregates like glass and stone that are poured with concrete that brings a unique design with an unusual pattern. This composition of materials can be bound with epoxy that is polished at the end for getting a smooth surface.


  This style will fit those who want something innovative and those who strive to preserve traditional classics in a restrained style. Today, terrazzo tiles attract with their diversity of shapes and patterns that can be combined with basic tiles by making the general look more vivid, stylish, and balanced. Initially, terrazzo tegels were applied for floor lining and through time it’s becoming widely used for wall covering, tabletops, backsplash, shower cabin trays, and stair cladding.


 Due to its versatility, terrazzo tile will look harmoniously in any interior, i.e. baroco, modern, classic, minimalism, and hi-tech. Considering the diversity of coloring, appearance, and marble chips pattern, there are three major types of tegels:


  • Pastellone tiles that use warm pastel shades. The naming derived from the usage of warm patterns, i.e., red and yellow colors of natural coloring like red cinnabari and yellow ochre.

  • Venetian ( or battuto) tiling that is scattered with stones of diverse colors and sizes. It’s a reuse of wastes from marble processing mixed with cement.

  • Palladiana tiles that are so-called terrazzo made of big stone or marble plates that are irregularly shaped with a standard matrix between pieces.

Benefits of Terrazzo Tiles & Its Usage in Designing Apartments

  There are authentic features of terrazzo tegels due to which the majority of architects and designers prefer using them in the interior. So, here are the following:


  • High durability makes it ideal for civil buildings because it can withstand pressure from constant foot traffic.

  • Wide range of design options thanks to the unique pattern of each tile.

  • No porosity guarantees no microbial growth, and zero moisture transmission.

  • Sustainability means terrazzo is eco-friendly material due to its recycled content that supports the green movement.

  • Low maintenance rate and simplicity in cleaning.

  • Environmentally friendly: it has no volatile organic compounds.


Since terrazzo tiles come mostly in neutral and cool color schemes, a good decision is to mix them with bright shades to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere. They will also create an accomplished look in the living space when combined with some stone decorations and wood furniture. Adding some soft textures will also benefit the design of any room.


  After the 1970s epoxy-based terrazzo gained high popularity in interior design due to its low susceptibility to cracking, thickness of the material, fast installation, wide range of colors, and elegant design. But, epoxy terrazzo is used for the interior only, while cement-based one is applied most to outdoor lining since it won’t lose its color and won’t peel, scratch, or fade.

How to Incorporate Terrazzo Tile in Your House?

 Speaking about the most common type of terrazzo which is an epoxy one, thanks to its versatility, it can be used to fulfill the most intricate and bold ideas. So, epoxy terrazzo will fit concrete or wood elements that already exist inside your apartments. 


 It can be also combined with timber, or stone, and mixed with other types of tiles, i.e. rectilinear ones in the same-looking design and color palette. Another option is combining bright terrazzo with some plain monochrome tiling.


 No matter whether you want to use terrazzo in the kitchen or bathroom – to save its organic look you can combine it with metal or silver details like mirror frames or sanitaryware. Such a design will bring you an elegant and refined interior. If using light gray or beige terrazzo, it’ll be paired well with natural wood and organic materials like a stone if designing a kitchen.


 What’s more, you’re more than likely to enjoy terrazzo incorporation in furniture and home décor. For instance, there are decent options of original tables and lamps with terrazzo base, trendy countertops, and accent walls in the bathroom or kitchen.


 Also, terrazzo patterns can be used for wallpaper design in the dining room that will enliven its space with modern vibes. If having terrazzo tiles with larger flakes, it’ll bring an outstanding visual effect to spacious rooms. 


  You can flesh out your interior with a colorful accent wall, or just a half of it, decorating the entryway with bright terrazzo flakes, and choose décor accessories in a terrazzo pattern. No difference in what element you choose or which wall side to tile with terrazzo, it won’t go wrong.


 To summarize, terrazzo is a perfect way to create an eye-grabbing interior for your accommodation that won’t mimic any of modern design. Terrazzo stone patterns will bring an authentic look to your living room, bathtub, or bedroom due to their high customization and vibrancy by bringing lightness to any space.


 Less is more: don’t overuse terrazzo not to make a room too messy and loaded with textures. A win-win solution is to combine terrazzo with a simple color palette and plain materials to make a great contrast.


  With terrazzo tiling, you’ll succeed to get a highly personalized design that will renovate your apartments and make them memorable for your guests. Real terrazzo pattern is worth purchasing because it’ll refresh your design completely by making your house cozier, warmer, and, of course, fancy and stylish.