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Re-glaze Your Tub and Save Some Major Cash

Over time, things tend to age in our homes with normal use. This is especially true of the bathtub. Bathtubs get a lot of use and tend to lose their original and pristine shine as they get older. They can also discolor, get chips and cracks, and even become harder to clean as the original shine and luster wears down. Replacing a bathtub is not only difficult but it also very expensive. It often simply does not always fit in the budget.

A great alternative to completely replacing your old bathtub is to get it refinished. You can find bathtub refinishing washington dc is reputable and professional. With a tub restoration, you will get a tub that looks like a brand-new tub and for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Any chips that your tub may have will be repaired, a bonding agent will be applied, and a new top coat will be applied to your old tub making it look as good as new again. This method is known as re-glazing and can be done on a tub that is made of fiberglass, porcelain, marble, or cast iron.

The cost of replacing a bathtub can run for about $3,500 but to re-glaze it you are looking at spending about $200-$400. That is a substantial amount of savings. Plus, you won’t have to get your tub hauled out of your bathroom and must haul a new one in. This is no easy feat, and since bathtubs are extremely heavy, this can be a very dangerous job. If you plan to do it yourself, you will need to find help. It will cost even more if you are hiring someone else to handle this task. The cost of the bathtub itself is not the expensive part it is the cost of the entire renovation that can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Re-glazing your bathtub can be a job that gets done in a day, and it may take up to two. If you were to replace your old tub, you could be looking at a week of being without a bathtub since it takes a lot of time to remove the old tub and to get a new one put in. So, unless not bathing for an entire week seems appealing to your you may want to consider re-glazing your tub.

If you are looking to get your tub deglazed, you will spend the least amount of money and it will not take as long as getting a new one. There really is no reason to replace your old tub unless there is something majorly wrong with it. No one will ever know the difference wither and will just think that you got a new tub. You don’t have to tell them that it was re-glazed since it looks just a good as a brand new tub. This is a way to stretch your home renovation budget and is a lot less work.