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Pressure Treatment to Make Wood more Powerful than any Superhero

At some point in time, you may have heard the term pressure treated. In fact, somewhere in your home, you may have an item which has had this treatment. And, it may be an object which has withstood both the test of time and climate. Furthermore, it is made of some form of wood.

Pressure treatment does amazing things for this natural product. Especially when it spends long periods outdoors. For instance, look at pressure treated wood poles used to connect phone or electrical wires from one point to another. Companies like Brown Preserving Company have used and refined pressure treatment to make wood more powerful than any superhero.

So, what is pressure treatment? It normally starts in a closed cylinder or other airtight casing. This is where the wood to be treated goes. Next, chemicals are fed into the casing. A combination of vacuum and pressure push the chemicals onto and into the wood. Not only does this protect the wood from climate changes, but also keeps away fungal decay and insects like termites.

Normally, poles made of sapwood, such as the Southern pine, take pressure treatment better than those of heartwood. The structure of the wood layers is what allows for easier absorption. Heartwood trees, like the Douglas Fir, are heartier. However, the chemical composition of the pressure treatment needs to be changed to allow for proper distribution.

Once treated, wood can have a fairly long life in the outside world. Wood poles can withstand rot for almost 40 years before replacement. On the other hand, wood decks that are constantly subject to heat, direct sunlight, and wide shifts in climate. May last only a decade or so.

Therefore, when you need to purchase wood poles for any type of communication service, you need to ask the right questions. Don’t be shy. Get details on the chemicals they utilize for treatment. Find out the average length of time before the wood begins to rot. If you can watch a pressure treatment operation. This will give you the tools to make the right decisions for purchase.