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Make a Splash: Build Your Own Swimming Pool

Make a Splash: Build Your Own Swimming Pool

To many people indoor swimming pools conjure up the idea of fun, relaxation, and family time. Still, there are many misconceptions about building one’s own pool; it is too difficult, and costly to name a few. To clear up these mistaken beliefs, building it yourself will actually save you money, while getting you the pool that you have always wanted.

To start, do some research and ask around, find friends and neighbours who have indoor swimming pools, find out what they like or dislike about them. Draw up a plan of how you want it to look; do you want it above or in ground? Do you want it attached to the house, or to have its own separate pool house? Putting all this on paper is the best way to map out where everything from where seats to windows will go in the design scheme. Graph paper is the best in these projects because it is easy to draw scale and dimensions on them.

There is also the question of seating; will those be built into the deck or pool area? Will there be a hot tub or spa added; what about a small one for the young swimmers, or adding a slide in the pool?

For a pool that is above ground, consider building a deck around it so that it won’t resemble a free standing barrel. The best option is to place the pool into a low-level deck.

This takes considerable planning because you have to plan the deck around the pool; you can’t just have the deck, and then cut a hole in it and place the pool in it. Add to the atmosphere by incorporating potted plants, and flowers to make a lovely landscaping scheme.

For ground pools, don’t start digging and hope that the pool will fit, measure how deep and wide the pool is and then start to dig. Ground pools have to be built on level surfaces, and reinforced with concrete slabs.

Legal issues are another thing to consider when building a pool. Look into local building laws in your area and read up on issues involving height limitations and fences and pad locks. Pools are very tempting for little ones to climb into; having a pool cover adds an extra deterrent for them.

Adding a pool is an investment, since it will add value to the home. Having your own pool encourages a healthy lifestyle and helps relieve stress, improves circulation, and is great cardiovascular exercise. No matter what kind of pool you choose, as long as you have a plan and have done your research, building one can be a rewarding project.