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Living Room Design – How To Create A 1970s Living Room

Living Room Design – How To Create A 1970s Living Room

Some of us do remember the age of “Flower Power” and the kind of clothing and interior design styles that were popular then. As every period has its admirers, it is no wonder that there are some who still want to pay tribute to the ’70s through the decor in their homes.

So, what could you do to transform your living room to look like something out of the 1970s? It is a challenge to balance the more over-the-top elements of that era, while still using enough of what was popular to make your living room look convincing.

First, it’s important to remember the role of prints and intricate patterns of that time. Everyone seemed to love bright colours in the 1970s, and you can pay homage to that by simply setting those bright colours against a canvas of neutral wall paint.

In the ’70s, entire pieces of furniture were heavily decorated in paisley, plaids and stripes. We suggest that you can add a bit of this kind of design without going crazy. It is easy to include the wild animal prints and bold flower patterns on smaller items such as cushions, curtains and foot-stalls. This will make the room fun, without you requiring regular sight-tests!

Printed fabrics can also be used as pieces of artwork. Choose a pattern with a “loud” beatnik feel and create your own tapestry or wall hanging. You could even stretch your material over a simple wooden frame to create a panel of art.

Mock-wood wall panelling and patterned wallpaper were also features of that time. The wall-panelling can act as a great disguise for poor plasterwork but add it with caution; as you could very quickly tire of living in a sauna. Equally, just allocate one single feature wall to boast your new flocked wallpaper.

If a feature wall isn’t for you; a fabulous shag-pile rug could be used as a focal point. Choose a fun combination of texture and colours for authenticity. As far as furniture goes, the ’70s was the beginning of the trend for chrome and metallic furnishings. A chrome-legged coffee table with a glass top would be a perfect addition to that shag-pile rug.

For a real talking-point, you should include the cheesy home accessories we typically associate with ’70s. Rummage through boot-fairs and second-hand shops to find: lava lamps, pop art, bean bag chairs, tie-dyed fabrics, macrame (for covering cushions or hanging plant holders, for example), things made of fake wood or fake fur, and anything covered in vinyl!

The ’70s was all about fun and colour. We didn’t promise it would be elegant.