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Leather Furniture – Some Interesting Facts

Leather Furniture – Some Interesting Facts

If you are keen on decorating your home to make it cozier and comfortable, incorporating some leather furniture can be a great idea. You can refer to the interior design websites that cater to home design for a deeper insight into the different aspects. Leather is a good choice for furniture and looks fabulous. The comfort quotient is high as well. Many pieces are available in a variety of colors, strengths and styles. Here are some interesting facts about leather. Keep them in mind when you buy these furniture pieces.

• Leather weathers beautifully and has greater durability than fabric. If you have children around, do not fret as leather furniture improves with age

• Aniline leather is the best quality leather as it is dyed in a drum that allows the dye to soak into the leather completely. This method brings out the rich and deep color. There is no need of protective coating. It is expensive, but it is the softest and the quality is worth its price

• Semi-aniline leather is also dyed in the same process as aniline one. However, the coating applied on the dyed surface is minimal. So it is stain resistant and also safeguarded from fading

• In the case of pigmented leather, the surface is colored. It is not dyed completely. The color is not that rich but it offers protection against scratches, fading and stains. These qualities of leathers are neither very expensive, nor soft like dyed leathers

• You can remove dust from your leather furniture by using a damp cloth as a measure for regular maintenance. The color of your furniture will not be affected

• You must buy leather upholstery having zipped seat cushions. The leather will last for years, but the cushions will not. This way, you can replace them easily

• Leather is not cold. It takes on the body temperature within seconds. so, you are comfortable

• Leather furniture is expensive, but its durability is almost four times more than fabric.

• Do not buy leather furniture in leather -vinyl combination. They might look gorgeous together but Vinyl will not last as long as leather.

You can buy leather furniture to enhance your home design. However, make sure that it is in incongruence with the lifestyle that you lead. The room in which the furniture is used is also a major consideration. If it is a busy place where the furniture will be subjected to wear and tear, you should opt for a finish that is heavier than usual. You should be able to clean stains on it simply by wiping it.

You can do a thorough research of the interior design websites on the net. They can guide you regarding the type of leather furniture you should buy, depending on your lifestyle and choice. Trust them and you will get the best. Invest in leather furniture and relax for years. You will not have to change it frequently and it is worth the price you pay for it. Its durability is a noteworthy feature.